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Demon Killa Was Born, and raised in Washington D.C. S.E., In one of the roughest, and violent areas. Experiences growing up with single mother, and older sister was hard. Bullied, being on welfare, being Sexually abused, watching the church financially abuse his poverty stricken family took a tole on DK. His Father wasn't in the home so he grew up without male guidance.  Demon Killa had to be removed from D.C. Schools because of his violent behavior, gang affiliations, and went to a Maryland school located in Clinton Maryland known as Surrattsville H.S.. Demon Killa states that is where he found God at the bible studies they had at the school, and God saved him. He has been married for 22 years, has 3 Sons and daughter. and is a Pastor of The Stones House Church in his hometown Washington DC. also known as The Stones House Crew

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